Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Scallop Circles & Initial Monograms! (HTV)

So lets go back to some good ole' fun HTV (Heat Transfer Vinyl). I thought today would be a great day to finally execute some of the many many designs I've ruffled up in my silhouette studio! I am always making up designs in the software and rarely cutting them! But finally I found time and cut some thanks to my break in-between semesters from school! Okay so lets talk about HTV (heat transfer Vinyl) first so you understand what we're using, HTV is used all over when you go shopping at wal-mart, the mall, target you'll find many many shirts used with HTV. HTV is made to last, it stays on wonderfully through washes and all, and never fades in color!!! (that's my favorite part!) So HTV is usually applied via a heat press, or some people who do not own a heat press (like me) can use an iron, but it's a lot of work! Okay, not really... haha, you just have to press really really hard with the iron onto the shirt with a thin sheet in-between the product and the iron, I press so hard my arms get sore! hehe. Okay so I did 2 shirts for my darling, Sophia. Here they go!

So for the top photo, there is 1 large scallop, an inner "sliver" and a filled circle with an S cut out for sophia! Then I added her name in black on top, this is on a T-shirt, sorry I took close up shots! The bottom is a simple scallop in pink with dashes in green and a black S for Sophia, again, hehe. That is placed on one of her night time tanks. So I love the way these came out they make me so happy! hehe, I love that I have the awesome Silhouette Cameo that allows me to make my daughter some awesome shirts! I also have an embroidery machine but after I got my cameo (which also cuts fabric) I have not touched it. I take pride in my work!!! WOO_HOO for the cameo & The silhouette group that is always there when you have a question! 

You can find this for purchase at my etsy store: 
For the top picture product: click here!
and for the one with dashes (lower photo): click here!

So that is what I have for yall today! I hope you enjoyed it! Remember if you have any questions or anything please leave a comment below!! Thank you! <3

Monday, May 14, 2012

BatBoy & Spa Day!

Okay it's been a while, I know, I'm sorry! he-he, I've been so busy with school and finals coming up, but now i'm done and have a semi-break until next semester! So excited, with a break means more crafting! Okay so first off, I got some awesome little water bottles from an amazing friend of mine, Sara Goodman. (again, thank you so much Sara!!) and I knew immediately what I wanted to put on them, and so I went to work!!! They have been coming out beautifully but I am still working on them. I decided to pay a much needed Thank you to Sara for sending me the water bottles, I knew I needed to make one for her little one, Palmer. So I made him one with a baby Batman (or as I call him, BatBoy) Here's a picture of how he came out!

love it? HECK YES! I am IN LOVE with this and these water bottles!!! So here is Palmers BatBoy (<3) I added black with yellow polka dots all around the bottle and Palmers name with a yellow offset on the backside of the bottle. I was trying to think of color choices and well when I thought of batman, the first colors to come to mind were black & yellow.

Next up, I wanted to make a girly one and knew what girl doesn't like Spa Days? So I decided to use a spa girl character I got from a friend a long time ago, I don't remember where these files came from unfortunately they were old old old files on my computer I just came across the other day :/ sorry. So onto the Spa Girl, lets take a look at her. 

She's adorable, No? He-he, So now i'm officially addicted to whipping together these cute little water bottles, I'm trying to get as many of them as I can in my possession, so I can continue to make some more!  Let me know what you think and don't forget come join our FB silhouette group for all things Silhouette

Don't forget, leave a comment, tell me what you think, I answer all questions! <3

Friday, May 4, 2012

Nurse Tumblers

Okay so my husband works in a clinic with a bunch of Nurses and I know nurses week is next week so I thought what would be a great thing to give? I then turned to my crafting room looking all around for inspiration and with a little help from my allthingsSILHOUETTE group I decided to do some tumblers with nurse images on one side and the name on the other. Embellished with some stethoscopes! It was kind of hard because I needed to get at least 1 done and ran out of beige along with some other colors, so I used white for the Nurse, but i'm sure when I get my beige in the mail they'll look more accurate! But with all that said, here is a preview of what I came up with.

So there's the front and back of the tumbler, I added polka dot embellishments all the way around to match the color of the scrubs worn by the nurse. For the back I put the name in Sunshine poppy font, It's a huge hit, a lot of people always turn to this font when they are looking at a page of 50+ fonts, So I always know this font will be popular. Now i'm sure you've probably gone googling for this file, and trust me it's almost impossible to find, that's why I will provide you a download so you can get this nurse file yourself and start working up some awesome things yourself! If you have any questions, please let me know in the comments section, I will be sure to answer them all!

Remember download nurses file here: all for you

I hope you enjoy this as much as I did!!
Pink & Lemon Designs

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Silhouette Studio VS Designer Edition

I'm sure if you have a Silhouette machine you've probably gotten the FREE software that comes along with it and have tried it out. Lets talk about it, I have it and I admit when I first installed it onto my computer, I was intimidated. But after using it and realizing how easy it was I think it's now intimated of me! ;-) I have recently upgraded to the Designer edition of the software, now you do not need to purchase the upgrade if you do not plan on doing rhinestones. I bought it because I know I will be doing rhinestone templates one day and decided to get it when they were having a sale, SCORE. Now I have not done any rhinestone templates just yet, but eventually will get there. I posted a video of the differences in the two softwares for you to see for yourself, hope you enjoy! As for me i'm off to play with my awesome Cameo!